I found a blog yesterday with the exact title above that I had written three years ago but that I had never posted.  It had been inspired by my then four year old son, Fian, who had carried a soap bubble from the bathroom, where he had been washing his hands, into our bedroom.  He had carried it with such care and delight in his little hands that it had literally made me STOP what I was doing at that time – which was rushing around trying to get ready for work and school – to notice and appreciate him and his bubble.  “Look Mum and Dad”, he had called with such excitement, “a bubble” and we stopped to peer into his hands at the “bulle”, in its simplicity, sitting there with a rainbow of colours reflected in it, in the morning light.  It was just waiting to be noticed so that it could create and invite us into a bubble of happiness – une bulle de bonheure.

As a result of that moment of happiness created by my son three years ago, I would like to offer out a wish, or intention for YOU and it is this … that your pace slows so that you can appreciate the little things and be wrapped in hundreds of bubbles of happiness this Christmas.

May a ‘bulle de bonheure’ envelop you as you feel the warmth of a hot drink against your heart as you pause to hold it there before you take a mouthful, or as you get drawn into the beaming smile of a child when Santa has delivered the long dreamed of presents, or when you are out walking and you begin to notice how the trees dance in the wind or how that same breeze plays about your face, or as you pause to take a breath in and feel any tension melt out of your body as you breathe slowly and deeply back out.

Thank you for being with me this year, for reading my blogs and for sending me notes or texts to let me know when something impacted you.  Thank you, thank you , thank you – its nice to know how things ripple out sometimes.  And thank you, Fian for bringing this into our awareness 🙂

And, enjoy being wrapped in many, many bubbles of happiness, where you can notice and be enveloped by the simplest of things around you.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Bí chomh iontach is atá ar do chumas.

Be the Best You Can Be.

Nadine xxxx