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The Dawn Of The Celtic Leader

What part of the new world destiny do you dream of leading?

Have you been dreaming of a project you know would contribute to making a difference in the world but that you have been struggling to make happen?  Do you see these pandemic times as a sign that the old and unsustainable ways of living, leading and working are collapsing, while at the same time, you believe that a new future is waiting to emerge.  

If you recognise these two worlds, you will acknowledge that you are currently standing on a potent threshold – between a world that is ending and a world that is waiting to be born.  But how do you transition from one to the other?  The ancient Celts had a way of working with such a threshold.  They entered the “thin place” –  a powerful portal between worlds where new possibilities could be birthed. 

If you hold a higher vision for what the new world destiny could be – for you, for your business, for the planet and for us as a global community – come and join me in the “thin place,”on this FREE Webinar

to explore how the new dawn of leadership can help you lead the change you have been dreaming of.

Wednesday, 21st October from 19:30 to 21:00 (GMT)

Don’t worry if you can’t make the Live Event. I’ll send you a recording of the Workshop.

What You Will Learn


How to harness this moment of opportunity to lead yourself and your business to play a part in leading the part of the new world destiny that is uniquely yours to lead


The Transformational Leadership Framework that supports leaders to birth and bring their part of the new world destiny into being


A taste of the alchemy of the Celtic Seasons as a pioneering leadership methodology and force to support you to move through the natural cycles of change, growth, emergence and momentum for your big-hearted vision

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Your Host:

Nadine McCarthy

Are you ready to reshape and lead the business and future that the world needs now?

Wednesday, 21st October from 19:30 to 21:00 (GMT)