Transformational Leadership for Evolutionary times

Lead Yourself, your vision and the Future

Are you ready to make your vision a reality and lead the future you wish to create?

I have One Mission – to integrate radical contemporary leadership methodologies with ancient wisdom to reconnect you as a purpose-driven leader, to yourself, to others and to nature so you can lead the vision and future you want to create.


Together, let’s take your big-hearted vision from Idea to Implementation to Impact!

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Have you been dreaming of a project, product or service that you feel you were born to lead, that you know could truly make a difference, but you haven’t been able to make happen yet?

It seems like a pretty straightforward solution, doesn’t it?

Just dream it and do it, right?

But if it was that simple, you’d have done it already.

So Why Is Clarifying Your Vision And Bringing It To Reality On Your Own So Much Harder In Practice ?

Don’t worry! It’s not your fault!

You have been working with a broken leadership and societal model and the world is collapsing all round us beause of it.  The over-emphasis on the linear, logical, strive-drive, do-more, have-more, performance-obsessed culture has created a way of living and leading that is no longer sustainable.

If you’re like most leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs working from this redundant approach, chances are you feel like this.

Which Of These Apply To You:

You have a business idea for a project, service or product that you believe could make a difference in the world, but you do not have a process, methodology or structure that supports your every step to make it happen - and so it still hasn't !


You’re working longer and harder now, feeling more burnt-out and jaded than ever before wondering how will you ever get time to work on your idea


You’ve lost confidence in yourself and in your ability to dream and fulfil it. You worry that you might have to give up on your dream


You find yourself paralysed by fear of judgement and rejection when you think about stepping out into the world with your idea, so you stay hidden


You’re worried about your business capability, struggling to even see yourself as an entrepreneur anymore


You want to know how to stay motivated, on track and aligned to your vision, especially when things get tough and uncertain or you allow yourself to keep busy doing the jobs that distract from making your dream a reality


You have a dream of creating a better future and you see these pandemic times as being a potent opportunity to lead and do things differently. You do not want to lose this opportunity to be part of creating new and conscious change for the collective good


You find yourself questioning “Do I have to give up on my dream? But I really want to make this a reality! I just need some help with believing in it, believing in myself and a way to make it happen.


You often feel lost and alone, isolated in your business, wishing that you had a tribe you could reach out to, who could help you navigate the challenges and who would support you to raise your head and bring your idea out into the world


You long for a framework and inspiring approach that would take you from spark of idea to clarity of vision and on into making that a reality – but without having to push, drive, feel exhausted or completely overwhelmed doing it

… Say Goodbye to the old and broken way…

…where you can’t find the time in your working day to birth the dream, where you do not have a process, tools and powerful methodologies that give you agency to make your dream a reality or where your way of working and living is simply no longer sustainable

… and say hello to a new way…

The Way of The Celtic Leader!


What Is The Celtic Leader? 

The Celtic Leader is a pioneering 6-month online Entrepreneurial and Leadership Programme, designed to support you, as a purpose-driven business owner and entrepreneur to take your big-hearted vision to implementation, so you can grow your idea and scale your business for impact to finally make the difference you dream of making.

It combines contemporary methodologies such as Theory U, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on innovation and transformational leadership, alongside an ancient calendar that supports you to move through the natural cycles and seasons of change, growth, development, emergence and momentum.  This unique approach, where indigenous wisdom has been reclaimed and integrated in a contemporary context alongside powerful leadership methodologies and tools will enable you to fully step into your purpose to lead the business and future you want to create.

Together with the support of a private online community of leaders, you will navigate the first four seasons of the Celtic year, an ancient calendar and map that our ancestors lived by.  You will activate the powerful essence and rhythm of each season to come into greater alignment with your own natural force and allow that to alchemise your leadership calling and power.  In addition, you will reclaim 3 Ancient Celtic Gifts and integrate them alongside 3 Contemporary Leadership Capacities so you can lead with more purpose and agency.  Then you will lead the future you wish to create by clarifying a Prototype project that aligns to your vision and take those first concrete steps to make your dream a reality.

The Celtic Leader is a call to live, work and lead in a different and more conscious way.  It offers a new approach to leading that integrates head and heart, ancient and contemporary, human and nature, light and dark, feminine and masculine, left brain and right brain, being and doing, vision and action, soul and purpose.

This Programme helped me innovate with soul and purpose!

I think this programme is more needed than ever now and particularly suited for those who recognise that this moment in time is an opportunity to change the way we live, work and are! The course enabled me to get my programmes up and running.  It gives you the tools to instigate powerful changes whilst being in the company of new and like minded people. It has helped me innovate with soul and purpose!  

Helle Helsner, Denmark/Ireland

The Celtic Leader is for those who recognise that the old ways are no longer sustainable and who dare to live and lead in another way


Underpinned by 2 Core Methodologies

Together with the support of a private online community, you will navigate the first four festivals of the Celtic Year beginning at Samhain and finishing at the end of Spring Equinox.  Two core and transformative methodologies, one ancient and one contemporary, uniquely interwoven, will support your leadership journey to take your business idea from spark to clarified vision and onwards into reality as a project, product or service.

 Methodology 1

The Celtic Calendar a powerful change process for transformational leadership and agency

You will align with the first four seasons of the ancient calendar of the Celts – Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc and Spring Equinox over a 6-month period.  With a 6-week window for each season, you will tune into and activate the ancient, indigenous wisdom, lifeforce and alchemical energies of each phase to support you to bring your dream into tangible reality as a sovereign leader, with purpose and agency.

Methodology 2

Theory U, MIT a profound approach to enabling awareness-based systems change

To help you reimagine and reshape the future, you will integrate Theory U, from the Presencing Institute, MIT alongside the Celtic Calendar. The tools and capacities of this awareness-based-systems change methodology will enable you to expand your leadership consciousness and develop new capacities so you can connect to the highest future potential that can and will only emerge through you, for the collective good.


During this Program, you will reawaken and reclaim 3 Ancient Celtic Gifts and integrate them alongside 3 core contemporary Leadership capacities to enable you to lead yourself, your business and your future with agency, purpose and impact.

Three Ancient Celtic Gifts

Pronounced Ash-linn, Aisling is the Gaelic word for dream or poetic vision. It is the dream for the highest potential future – for you and those you wish to impact. In claiming it, you will answer your call to purpose and your leadership destiny.

Pronounced like heart with an ‘n’, Neart is the Gaelic word for lifeforce and strength. You will learn to fortify yourself from the inside out, working with rituals, tools and practices to stay deeply rooted and grounded in the source and energy flow of your own leadership strength and creativity. You will stay open and attuned to your own deepest knowing and strengthen your ability to bring your Aisling into being in the real world.

Pronounced too-hah, Tuatha is the Gaelic word for Tribe. In Celtic times, the tribe focused on relationships and kinship with members having equity rather than hierarchical positions. Through the support of a private online community, you will be able to step forward to lead the difference you want to make, whilst contributing to the conscious momentum of your Tuatha as a force for collective leadership and good in the world.

Three Contemporary Leadership capacities


You will become an Alchemist of State, learning to recognise and catch yourself in a state of worry, fear, inaction, overwhelm or anxiety and practice turning these moments instead into empowered and optimum states of thinking, being and leading. In each season, you will work with a tailored and attuned state that is aligned to the power of that phase in the cycle of change, so you can foster mind-body integration and a deepening of your leadership capacities. This will empower you to live and lead with greater ease, awareness and inner solidity.


The focus here is to align your Aisling with continued purposeful action so you can stay true to your vision.  So often, we lose our way or find ourselves paralysed by fear as we try to step out with our project or offering into the external world.  As a Purposeful Leader however, you will continually build the internal capacity to connect first with your Aisling, which represents the deepest Source of soulful purpose within you before you take action.  Through the lens of Celtic consciousness, your purpose represents the healthy feminine aspect in you (regardless of gender).  You will learn to balance and integrate the healthy masculine aspect of action taking, alongside the feminine, so that you only move forward in alignment with your Purpose.  Taking action when you are connected to this place feels right because it is infused with the natural masculine energy of clarity, focus and purposeful action.  Integrating both feminine and masculine energies in this way is a radical call to leading purposefully and as you practice doing this, you allow the highest future to continually emerge through you.  This is exciting, new and sustaining leadership ground to experience, practice and encode within you.


A Celtic Leader is an Agent of Change and Agency is a fundamental leadership capacity for being able to make your ideas happen.  You will integrate and embody action confidence so that you can move forward with courage to actively transform your business and the world around you, for the greater good.  In a practical and tangible way, as an Agent of Change, you will learn how to Prototype, which is the art of bringing your highest vision into reality, through translating it into initial, small concrete first steps that reflect your big-hearted vision.  To Prototype is to create the future by doing and the final season of the Programme will culminate in a vibrant, virtual Leadership Protoyping Lab with your Tuatha (your Tribe), where together you will share and strengthen your Prototypes and collectively build momentum towards the future you wish to create.

Four Celtic Seasons

You will work with and activate four seasons of the Celtic Calendar during your 6-month online programme, using them to support you to move through the cycles from birthing the dream to enacting the vision.  These 6 months span the giamos half of the Year, which is the dark half of the year in the Celtic calendar.


Surrendering into times of darkness, disruption and uncertainty

  • The Celtic New Year
  • Everything begins in the darkness
  • Slowing down
  • Letting Go, Death (to serve rebirth)
  • Surrendering
  • Resting
  • Hibernation and ceasing all outward action
  • Mythological Archetype is the Crone, the Cailleach, the Wise Elder

Winter Solstice

Celtic Dreamtime – The Return Of The Dream of the Highest Future

  • Entering the darkest point

  • The return of the light and the promise of a new future

  • Dreamtime – surrendering to the emerging future that wants to dream you and be dreamed through you

  • The transformation in the turning point

  • The birth of your Aisling (the vision of the highest future)


Emergence – Crossing the Threshold into Potentiality

  • The Promise of Spring – Reawakening and Emergence
  • Clarifying and strengthening our Aisling
  • The power of discernment and intention
  • Building inner neart (strength), confidence, courage and compassion
  • Mythological Archetype is Brighid, Goddess, Maiden and Saint

Spring Equinox

Radical Acts of Leadership – Walking Slí na Firinne (the path of truth)

  • The Agency of Purpose, Polarities and Prototyping
  • Leading your emerging future
  • Integrating the healthy feminine and masculine elements to stay aligned to your purpose and committed in action to your vision
  • Integrating the healthy feminine and masculine principles for balanced leadership
  • Creating the future by doing – taking continued action to step into unchartered territories of future leadership and possibility

The Programme added to my creativity within my business, writing my book, having a Podcast and interviewing some of the biggest Health and Welnness icons in the world!

I was really drawn to The Celtic Leader Programme as I had recently visited Ireland and I wanted to know more about the indigenous, Celtic wisdom of the land.  What I was particularly curious about was weaving and integrating the Theory U model from MIT within the Celtic Leader Programme. The Programme gave me such a beautiful framework that added to my creativity within my business, writing my book, having a Podcast and interviewing some of the biggest Health and Wellness icons in the world.  It’s also helped me plan my calendar, and launch programmes and my offerings.  Working on ‘how do we  bring our dream, our intention, our highest purpose, our life’s work into the world’ through using the structure and framework – I loved it!”

Rachel Varga, Canada

Who Is The Celtic Leader Programme For?

We are a global community of coaches, health and wellbeing specialists, working parents, single parents, creative artists, entrepreneurs, activists for social good, sustainable economies and the environment.  We are believers in creating more conscious and better futures aswell as more vibrant and inclusive societies.  We are passionate change agents who want to lead the projects we know will make a difference now and for future generations.  We want to lead the change we most wish to see in the world!


This Programme Is For You If:


You are an entrepreneur and business leader, who has a strong desire to create and lead change in today’s world


You want to learn and integrate pioneering leadership practices, tools and resources to transform your business and lead the future you wish to create


You believe that radical change is both needed and possible and you want to activate your deeper calling so as to align with more purpose-driven and meaningful work


You feel a resonance with indigenous wisdom, to the Celtic world and it’s richness of culture, myth, poetry, soul, landscape, ancient sites and language and you have a curiousity and desire about how to integrate these in a practical way in your leadership and business


You value the support of a like-minded Tribe, who together would navigate the new terrain and who would support and ignite each other’s passion and courage when needed


You are ready to pioneer new leadership tools, resources and approaches to today’s most important business, environmental, community, cultural, economic and social challenges


You want to find and test new ways of looking at the world, of being in the world, of leading in and contributing to the world


You often feel stuck or that you just can’t seem to get your big idea off the ground.  You worry that you must be missing some important piece of the leadership puzzle – a community, a framework, or a process – that would ignite your dream, activate your flow and give you agency to lead the difference you dream of


You want the tangibility in six months of bringing your longed-for dream into reality, through a targeted prototype, a focused, small, concrete version of your big-hearted vision, so you can test it, learn, get feedback and rapidly iterate again


If you are a change-maker, a dream creator, a system shaker, a rule breaker and an action taker, this Programme is for you

I signed up for The Celtic Leader because I needed to clarify my direction and purpose !

I signed up for The Celtic Leader because I needed to clarify my direction and purpose. I found the Resources, Calls and the Leadership Activations that invoked a deep mythic consciousness to help navigate the seasons of change absolutely transformative. The Programme was a vehicle for deep exploration for me and in practical terms has helped me make my purpose manifest in the world.  I now have confidence in applying ancient wisdom and I have a clear direction for my purpose through my prototype.

Philip Keogh, USA

Learning Outcomes

Who will I be and what will I be doing by the end of this programme?


You will have clarity on your big-hearted vision or Aisling – the Gaelic word for ‘highest vision of the future’, so you can live and lead aligned with your purpose


You will have developed and clarified a targeted Prototype project that is aligned to your vision and purpose, along with a routemap for how that project can bring your big-hearted vision into reality


You will have reignited your Celtic DNA and mythic consciousness, integrating the ancient Celtic, indigenous wisdom and be living and leading with the natural rhythm and energy of the seasons and cycles of change.


You will also learn how to use the healthy feminine and healthy masculine energies inherent in the Celtic seasons to live, work and lead in a more intuitive and balanced way


You will have the inner leadership resources to take action on purpose-driven projects so you can step out and lead in an intentional way for greater societal impact and the collective good


You will have developed a grounded and authentic leadership presence through learning and practicing specific Statefulness® tools and techniques, which anchor you in resourceful and empowered states of being, thinking and leading


You will have learnt how to reflect on and integrate the past, whilst sensing and actualising emerging opportunities to lead the highest future


You will be part of and emboldened by a global tribe of like-minded leaders who are leading with purpose and agency in their businesses to make a difference in the world and to the future

“I was completely blown away by this Programme!”

What really drew me to The Celtic Leader was that I had a really strong desire to learn more about the Celtic wisdom and I wanted to access more of that wisdom from the past in terms of how I live and lead in my everyday life. I also wanted to learn more about Otto Scharmer’s work about Presence and Leadership and how that could inform me in terms of how I lead myself, groups, and lead in all aspects of my life. What I gained from the Programme was so much more than I could ever have imagined. I was completely blown away it – in every seasons – by Nadine’s knowledge, her creativity, her capacity as a Facilitator to bring us on the most incredible journey.  It was amazing  in terms of connecting with myself, and going deeper within myself. What it offered me through working through the seasons, the Celtic wisdom and Theory U was profound.  It was a real opportunity to pause, to stop, to let go what wasn’t serving me, and to really slow down, which for me was massively important. And then the power of dreaming!  Of clarifying my Aisling, letting that whole vision emerge through me for the highest future and then moving that forward into a Protoype!  It has just been such a transformative journey and is still impacting me on so many levels.

Ailbhe Harrington, Ireland


Where and When

Over the course of 6 months, we will create a deep learning and holding space together that supports us to integrate ancient and contemporary leadership wisdom into these challenging and disruptive times so that you can take your idea to implementation and lead the change you wish to see in the world.  We will be a private and closed group, open to all levels of business and entrepreneurial experience.

We will work through 4 Seasons of the Ancient Celtic Calendar together, each lasting approximately 6 weeks in the calendar, in the following way


Working with the Seasons of Samhain and Winter Solsitce

Beginning your journey at the Celtic New Year in early November, in the darkness of the season of Samhain, you will enter into ancient ritual to change rhythm and truly slow down to be in tune with the season and yourself.  You learn to drop deeper into the darkness and let go of what no longer serves you.  Through surrendering, you activate the spark of inspiration and creativity inherent in the darkness and draw to you the impulse of what wants to emerge for the highest good. In the Winter Solstice, as the light returns, it ignites Celtic Dreamtime, where you listen for the emerging possibilitities of the highest future and dream your Aisling – the Gaelic word for poetic vision of the highest future – into being.



Working with the Seasons of Imbolc and Spring Equinox

Emerging from the darkness, clearer and illuminated from within, you will continue to grow the neart (life force) of your Aisling, by strengthening the energy of hope, possibility, growth and action as the light begins to return through the Season of Imbolc (pronounced im-bolk) and the Spring Equinox. Having spent the last season turned inwards, you are now ready to nurture the emerging buds of your purpose through testing and experimenting in the outer world through Prototyping. Working as a Tuatha (tribe) of leaders and change-makers, you will support each other to find ease in risk, grow in confidence and explore leading the future by taking action on your projects in a practical and grounded way.



Samhain marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year and is about dropping into the darkness of this time of the year and surrendering to the disruption and uncertainty. Turning your energies and focus inwards allows space to slow down to connect to what is happening deep within you and serves as a time of letting go and release.

Leadership and Season Activation Call: TBC (GMT Ireland)

Integration and Group Coaching Call: TBC (GMT Ireland)

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice represents the darkest time of the year with the light ever-decreasing in the northern hemisphere and energy being drawn deeper down into the earth. This Season supports you to surrender deeper into the void and the unknown.  As you sink down into the dark, fecund spaciousness, you activate your intuition, listen deeply to the sparks of possibility, clarify your Aisling, your poetic vision or dream for the highest future.  This is where the seeds of new life, new ideas, new projects and sparks of the highest possibility and future can begin to emerge.

Leadership and Season Activation Call: TBC (GMT Ireland)

Integration and Group Coaching Call: TBC (GMT Ireland)


Imbolc marks a threshold between the winter and the spring.  It represents the potential of new life through the first signs of spring and emergence.  Working in tune with the season, you will welcome the returning light, clarify your Aisling and learn to strengthen the neart, (the life and creative force) of your reawakened or newly ignited dreams along with buds of potential projects.

Leadership and Season Activation Call: TBC (GMT Ireland)

Integration and Group Coaching Call: TBC (GMT Ireland)

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox also known as the Festival of Promise celebrates the growing light where focus is strengthened so you can practice stepping out with greater ease to test your dreams and alinged projects that were born in the dark, fertile soil of the winter.  Having fortified your inner world through discernment, clarity, intention and neart, you will now activate agency, grow your confidence and build your muscle of prototyping by testing and experimenting with a targeted project in the outer world that is aligned to your vision.

Opening and Activation Call: TBC (GMT Ireland)

Integration and Group Coaching Call: TBC (GMT Ireland)

What Will I Recieve?

The Celtic Leader Core

This is a 6-month online Programme.  It incorporates 4 seasons of the ancient Celtic Calendar.  This will be a transformational leadership learning journey with me as your Facilitator, Host and Guide.  Walking alongisde you, you will have a global community of leaders.  You will receive live calls, group coaching calls, office hours, leadership resources, tools and practices that help you clarify your big-hearted vision and make it happen in the world.


4 Opening and Activation Calls

A LIVE interactive, collective online call will open each Season in the safety of your Tuatha of Leaders (your Tribe of Leaders). Calls will include an introduction to the core themes and wisdom of the Season and the specific energies and leadership practices that you will be working with and practicing in that time.

Through meditation and visualisation, this call will also include an activation of an ancient Celtic gift, which will embolden you as a leader and align you in a practical but powerful way with the potency and rhythm of that season. Through the richness of Celtic culture, myth, story, poetry, language and ritual, you will have access to a portal to a deeper world of knowing and of experience which will support the development of your leadership vision and skills. This call will be supported with guiding resources.


4 Integration and Group Coaching Calls

A LIVE interactive, collective online call in the latter part of the season, using a blend of teaching and peer leadership coaching groups in your Tuatha of Leaders (in your Tribe of Leaders) will help you to harness your learning and insights both individually and collectively for that season.  This will also help you clarify your next steps and commit to action so that you are continuously integrating what you are learning, strengthening your focus and building momentum in the direction of your leadership vision and purpose.

This call will also include Spotlight Coaching where I will coach one Celtic Leader live so as to optimise learnings and the force of collective connection and support.

These calls will allow you to step off the linear time calendar and access the cyclical rhythm of the Celtic Calendar to activate and embody the essential energies, skills and leadership practices of the season. These calls are designed to disrupt the mundane and to allow you to access a deeper way of knowing, being and leading.


Seasonal Videos

4 Seasonal Videos to introduce you to each season and activate the essential leadership forces inherent in them


Peer Leadership Learning Pods

An invitation to be part of a peer Leadership Learning Pod, a private group of 4/5 other Celtic Leaders who will meet, learn with and support each other throughout the Programme


An Evolutionary Leadership Toolkit

In addition to the above calls and tools you get on these, you will receive ten core evolutionary Leadership resources direct to your email inbox bi-weekly.  These will come in the form of leadership teachings, tools, techniques, skills and reflective practices helping you to integrate and embody the Festival energies alongside essential leadership skills to consistently evolve and transform your leadership capacity. 


Private Tuatha (Tribe) of Leaders

While this will be a deeply individual journey you will also have the support of a private online community, a collective Tribe (Tuatha pronounced Too-Ha) of like-minded Celtic Leaders, so you can learn, share, support and evolve alongside each other.

We will be a private and closed group, open to all levels of experience.  Registration will remain open until 9th November 2020.


Membership Area

Access to a membership area or private seasonal portal, where all resources will be available including replays of all live calls.

The Celtic Leader Catalyst

Catalyst is an intimate group for leaders and creators who want to harness the power of working closely with Nadine and a small passionate tribe who are committed to surfacing and enacting their deeper calling and purpose.


Four 1 to 1 Coaching Calls with Nadine

Not everyone flourishes in a group coaching setting.  If you are somone who values that personal touch and would like to amplify your learning, strengthen your agency and catalyse change in the world, the this package will resonate with you.

Each coaching session will work with your unique story, content and purpose in an intimate, supportive and completely tailored-for-you way.  This will enable you to integrate the specific leadership resources and practices of that cycle to harness your insights and optimise your learnings and take focused, aligned action in that season.


Direct access to Nadine & the Catalyst group via a live chat platform

Sometimes you will have questions or thoughts in the moment and want to share them with Nadine or seek clarification.  

For the first time ever, we are introducing an exclusive, private live chat platform that will allow you to interact with the Catalyst group without exchanging your private contact details unless you decided to.  


Two Additional Catalyst Group Coaching Calls with Nadine

Find the collective support to really catalyse the change you want to bring into this world.  These calls will bring the Catalyst group together with Nadine in a more intimate setting to nurture, support and achive breakthrough results.

The deeper connection to my purpose and nature proved immensely beneficial as I navigated my own new path of working for myself but even more so when our world turned upside down with the new global Covid19 challenge
Anna Murphy, Ireland

“This programme gave me so many tools and ways to understand myself and my leadership style, imperative to starting my business.  Nadine is  so warm and present with you every step of the way. I loved it all and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the same”

Suzanne Clarke, Ireland

Don't waste another year dreaming of what could be

Are you ready to unearth your deeper purpose, to take your leadership place in this world and ignite the change you want to lead?

I had become well adjusted to inaction but The Celtic Leader helped me learn to explore creating the future through taking small and incremental steps !

Last year was an important one for me as  I had been holding a big idea, that was finally beginning to crystalise into a clear vision. I was hopeful and excited, but also felt scared and unprepared to face what lay ahead.  I had become well adjusted to inaction and felt stranded in my attempts to actualise my idea.  Desperately in need of some guidance, I arrived into The Celtic Leader hoping to receive the support necessary to navigate this pivotal time.  The Programme was a warm, gentle, safe and powerfully held space, where I could meet myself where I was.  As a starting social entrepeneur, venturing into a tough sector, I received tools for building inner resilience and learned to explore creating the future through taking small and incremental steps.  I left the Programme feeling more grounded and equipped to handle success and failure !  I am very glad I did the Programme and Ireland is now on my bucket list !

Robert Wanalo, Kisumu, Kenya

Join The Waitlist

About me – The Facilitator

Nadine McCarthy

From the time I was little, I’ve had a natural, deep grá (the Gaelic word for love) for Celtic stories and mythology, the Gaelic language and music. I didn’t know it at the time but my pride for Ireland’s ancient culture and heritage along with deeply rooted family values of learning and love would find their way into my work and life to shape my future.

In 2006, following a career in business and HR Consulting, I founded my Coaching and Leadership Development Practice called ‘Be The Best You Can Be’ (more on this in the About section) and ran a six month leadership development program called ‘The Five Laws of Leadership’. In the years that followed I embedded leadership into my coaching sessions with athletes and senior leaders, ran leadership development programs across sectors, lectured and spoke at educational and organisational events and ran weekend retreats and day workshops to facilitate people to answer their ‘Call to Purpose’.

Committed to my own personal and professional evolution, I began studying and integrating the work of Theory U from Otto Scharmer at The Presencing Institute MIT in 2013.  It has been the backbone of work ever since, enabling me to lead systemic change projects across Ireland and be involved in global change-making projects.  In 2018, while completing a transformative Programme called The Celtic Wheel with Mari Kennedy, I began to dream of integrating contemporary leadership methodologies and capacities with ancient wisdom and deepened my purpose for leading change and supporting others to envision their highest future and make it a reality.  My passion and purpose now is to activate Ireland as an alchemical force for purposeful change and leadership and unite a vibrant eco-system of change-makers and future creators globally through transformational leadership, consciousness and Celtic soul. 

Today, I realise that the world is full of uncertainty, instability and unsustainability yet, I believe that there is so much hope and potential already in people, in society and in the system.  Holding a vision of the highest future, I focus my work in the following areas:

  1. Organisational Leadership Development, which involves leadership development trainingcoaching and systemic cultural change.  I design and deliver Leadership Workshops and Trainings that focus on Values, Purpose, Meaning, Legacy and using this clarity to empower teams.
  2. Leadership in Youth, through involvement for the past two years as a Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant on the Future Leaders Programme, which has reached over 30,000 teenagers through secondary schools across the island of Ireland.   I have also been involved as a Facilitator working systemically with key stakeholders in the areas of education, mindfulness, youth support, social entrepreneurship, mental health and sport to contribute to the development of the Well-being Curriculum for the Junior Cycle in secondary schools across the country.
  3. Societal Transformation,through leading Ireland’s first ever Firestarter Festival in 2019 and again in 2020.  This was a societal change and leadership development initiative in which me and a small team of volunteers, partnered with the Scottish Government, who have been running the Firestarter Festival in Scotland since 2015, to bring the Festival to Ireland.  The Festival successfully ignited new, disruptive and innovative conversations, encouraged people to step out and take inspired steps to lead in their community, to create something new and to be part of a movement of change-makers and leaders in Ireland who are taking action to support a new vision of leadership and positive change.


For more information about Mari Kennedy’s work see

For more information about Otto Scharmer’s work see

Closing Thoughts and Intention

Globally, nationally, locally and individually, we face a complexity of challenges that cannot be solved by any one person, organisation, sector or country working in isolation.  We need conscious, co-creative spaces and inspirational containers to connect, explore, challenge and to imagine what is possible.  We need to support each other to rise and to collectively create the kind of future that we dream of and that we know is possible deep down in our hearts. 

My intention with The Celtic Leader Programme is to contribute to creating that future by illuminating a global community of leaders who want to make a difference to their own future, to our collective future – planet and people – and to the future of the generations to come. I invite you to join me as we step into our deeper leadership calling and collectively create the highest future together.

Still got questions before enrolling?

Get in contact or give Nadine a call – she will be delighted to help you decide if this is the right programme for you.   This is an aligned, purposeful and committed tribe so we want to make sure that this is the right time and the right path for you.

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