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“In discovering our own purpose and meaning – whether of our institutions or of our own personal lives, we enrich meaning in the Universe. We create something significant that has not been there. We are part of it, and it is part of us. We are partners in the evolution of the Universe.”

– Joseph Jaworski, Source

WHat is the Celtic Leader?

The Celtic Leader is a 7-month online programme, where you are invited to journey through a half cycle of the Celtic Year activating your deeper purpose and igniting your specific call to leadership action, so you can step forward to lead the change you believe will make a difference in these times.

Together through the collective support of a private online community, we will navigate the first five Festivals of the Celtic year, an ancient calendar that our Celtic ancestors lived by, in greater rhythm with the energies of each season and more in tune with ourselves.

We will reawaken and reclaim 3 Ancient Celtic Gifts and integrate them alongside 3 core contemporary Leadership capacities to live and lead with more meaning, purpose and agency.

In addition and to support us as leaders of change, we will use Theory U, a profound methodology for awareness-based-systems-change, from The Presencing Institute MIT, to build a new collective leadership capacity so that we can step into and lead the future we want to create.

About Nadine

The Celtic Leader Program is for you if …


you are a change maker, a dream creator, a system shaker,
a rule breaker and an action taker



You want to activate your deeper calling and soul’s leadership purpose for these times


You have a belief that radical transformation is both needed and possible and have a longing to claim your specific part in this – be that for your family, team, organisation, club, community, sector, government, country or world

You want to learn leadership practices, tools and resources to help you make sense of the individual and collective uncertainty, turbulence and chaos and use it as a catalyst for leading change for a better society and future

You would cherish the support of a like-minded Leadership Tribe to learn, evolve, take action and build collective momentum with


You feel a resonance to indigenous wisdom, to the Celtic world and its richness of culture, myth, poetry, soul, landscape and language and you have a curiosity about how to integrate it in a practical way in your work and life


You often feel stuck, blocked or that you just can’t seem to get your project or initiative off the ground.  You feel like you must be missing some important ingredient that you just know would unlock your heart and your flow so you could step into your power to make the difference you dream of

You want to find and test new ways of looking at the world, of being in the world, of leading in and contributing to the world. You are ready to pioneer new leadership approaches to today’s most important community, environmental, economic and social challenges

By the end of this course you will:

Reawaken and reignite your Celtic DNA to contribute to the rising of Celtic consciousness globally as a tool to help create the highest future for us as individuals and as a collective
Have the ability to take action on soul-aligned projects so you can step out to lead in an intentional way for greater societal impact and collective good

Have integrated the ancient Celtic, indigenous wisdom into these modern times to live and work with the natural rhythm and energies of the seasons, avoiding overdrive and burnout


Develop a grounded and authentic leadership presence through learning and practicing specific Statefulness™ tools and techniques which anchor you in resourceful and empowered states of being, thinking and leading, as an antidote to leading in these times of uncertainty and chaos


Be part of and emboldened by a Tribe of like-minded, like-hearted and like-souled leaders who want to make a difference to our future and to future generations, be that for local, national or global impact


Discover the alchemy of using the healthy feminine and healthy masculine energies inherent in the Celtic Festivals to live, work and lead in a more intuitive and balanced way


Learn how to reflect on and integrate the past, whilst sensing and actualising emerging opportunities to lead the highest future

merging Ancient Celtic gifts WITH contemporary LEADERSHIP wisdom

During this Program, you will reawaken and reclaim 3 Ancient Celtic Gifts and integrate them alongside 3 core contemporary Leadership capacities to enable you to live and lead with more, meaning, purpose, joy and committed-follow through.

Three Ancient Celtic Gifts

You will clarify and claim your A I S L I N G: Aisling, pronounced Ash-linn, is the Gaelic word for dream or poetic vision.  It is the dream for the highest potential future – for you and those you wish to impact – and in claiming it, you will answer your call to purpose and your leadership destiny

You will deepen and anchor your N E A R T: Neart, pronounced like heart but with an “n”, is the Gaelic word for lifeforce and strength. You will learn to fortify yourself from the inside out, working with rituals, tools and practices to stay deeply rooted and grounded in the source and energy flow of your own creativity and leadership strength. Connecting at this source level will allow you to stay open and attuned to your own deepest knowing and the wisdom that flows from the wider world and universal intelligence. It will also sharpen your focus and strengthen your ability to take continuous action to bring your Aisling into being in the real world

You will strengthen and be strengthened by your T U A T H ATuatha pronounced Too-Hah, is the Gaelic word for Tribe. In Celtic times, the tribe focused on relationships and kinship with members having equity rather than hierarchical positions. Through the support of a private online community of leaders, you will play your part in activating this vibrant social field, enabling you to step forward to lead the difference you want to make, whilst contributing to the conscious momentum of your Tuatha as a collective force for good in the world.

Three Contemporary Leadership capacities


You will become an Alchemist of State, learning to recognise and catch yourself in a state of worry, fear, inaction, overwhelm or anxiety and practice turning or alchemising these moments instead into empowered and optimum states of thinking, being and leading.  At each Festival, you will work with an elevated state that is aligned to the power of that season, so you can foster mind-body integration and a deepening of your leadership capacities. This will empower you to live and lead with greater ease, awareness and inner solidity.


You will unite the ancient path of the Celtic Warrior whose credo was “Purity of Heart (glaine ár gcroí), Strength of Limb (neart ár ngéag) and Actions that match Words (beart de réir ár mbriathar) with the contemporary practice of walking your leadership path with courage, consciousness and compassion. We are all Warriors in training and when we step in to lead, it is because we know the world needs us and we choose to walk that path.  


Our ultimate goal here is to focus your passions, unique leadership skills and energies in a sustaining way that fuels your leadership purpose. This is the practice ground of first living purposefully and it is from this enduring place that your leadership purpose can emerge so you can then lead purposefully. This is a subtle but fundamental shift and one that allows you to live and lead from an internal operating belief that you don’t create your purpose, rather it calls to you and emerges through you. This is exciting, new and sustaining leadership ground that you will experience, practice and encode within yourself.  

The Holding Space and The Methodology

“We live at a time when ancient esoteric knowledge is being rediscovered. The veiled world of the enduring Celtic imagination is revealing itself as a container for something that is both universally human and divine.”

– Dolores Whelan, Ever Ancient, Ever New

Over the course of seven months, from the beginning of November 2019 to the end of May 2020, we will create a deep holding space and safe collective container together that supports us to integrate ancient and contemporary leadership wisdom into these challenging and disruptive times in a practical way.

The work will be further reinforced by Theory U, an awareness-based systems-change methodology from MIT enabling you to build your leadership capacity, to sense into and actualise the change you wish to lead and to show up to do the work that you know you are here to do. With the Celtic Calendar as the underpinning map and supportive force, we will move through the first 5 Festivals of the Celtic year, embodying the leadership wisdom, practices and seasonal energy of each turn.

The Five Festivals will be marked under the following 3 core phases:



Working with the Festivals of Samhain and the Winter Solstice.

Beginning your journey at the Celtic New Year, in early November, in the darkness of Samhain, you will learn to enter into ancient ritual to truly slow down to be in tune with the season and yourself. You will learn to drop into the darkness, to let go of what is no longer serving you, to activate the gift of Imbas to open to and harness the impulse of what is wanting to emerge in the energy of this time of the year. You will listen deeply to the sparks of possibility, to dream into and clarify your Aisling for the highest future.



Working with the Festivals of Imbolc and the Spring Equinox

Emerging from the darkness, clearer and illuminated from within, you will continue to grow the neart (the life force) of your Aisling, by strengthening the energy of hope, possibility, growth and action as the light begins to return through the Festivals of Imbolc (pronounced Im-bolk) and the Spring Equinox. Having spent the last season turned inwards, you are now ready to nurture the emerging buds of your ideas and creativity through testing and experimenting in the outer world.  Working as a collective Tuatha (Tribe) of leaders and change-makers, you will support each other to find ease in risk, grow in confidence and explore leading the future by taking action on your projects and initiatives in a practical and grounded way.



Working with the Festival of Bealtaine

Moving into Bealtaine (pronounced Be-owl-tin-ah), the brightest part of the year, you will leverage the energy of the sun and its’s solar power to allow full blossoming and flowering of your leadership projects and initiatives.  You will harness and radiate your leadership and soul gifts out into the world whilst being rooted in a deeper state of flow with your calling.  As the strength of purpose and action of each leader grows, so too does the collaborative power of the Tuatha (the Tribe) and the collective capacity of it as a vibrant, living system of leadership.  Building collective consciousness, collective action and collective momentum, the Tuatha will blaze the light of purposeful systemic leadership, creativity and innovation out into the world – leading ripples of change locally, nationally and globally.

“This is the moment when what we need most is enough people with the skill, heart, and wisdom to help us pull ourselves back from the edge of breakdown and onto a different path.”

– Otto Scharmer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System

Where and When

The Celtic Leader programme is a seven-month online course and will be run from November 3rd 2019 to May 31st 2020.  We will be a private and closed group, open to all levels of experience.  Registration will remain open until November 9th 2019.  We will move through 5 Festivals together, each lasting approximately 6 weeks in the calendar, as follows:


Samhain marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year and is about dropping into the darkness of this time of the year and surrendering to the unknown. Turning your energies and focus inwards allows space to slow down to connect to what is happening deep within you and serves as a time of release and renewal.

Festival Opening Call: Sunday Nov 10th 2019 20:00 – 21:30 (Western European Time – WET)

Harnessing Call: Sunday December 1st 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year with the light ever-decreasing in the northern hemisphere and energy being drawn deeper down into the earth. This Festival supports you to surrender deeper into the void and the unknown.  As you sink down into that spaciousness, you activate your intuition and dreamtime and can clarify your Aisling, your poetic vision or dream for your life and leadership calling.  This is where the seeds of new life, new ideas, new projects and sparks of the highest potential possibility and future can begin to be felt and to emerge.  

Festival Opening Call: Sunday December 22nd 2019 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)

Harnessing Call: Sunday January 19th 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)


Imbolc marks the first signs of new life, growth and springtime. Working in tune with the season, you will welcome the returning light and learn to strengthen the neart, (the life and creative force) of your innovative ideas and buds of potential projects.

Festival Opening Call: Sunday Feb 2nd 2019 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)

Harnessing Call: Sunday March 1st 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)

Spring Equinox

 Spring Equinox also known as the Festival of Promise celebrates the growing light where focus is strengthened so you can practice stepping out with greater ease to test your new ideas that were born in the dark, fertile soil of the winter.  With renewed clarity and neart, you will activate agency, grow your confidence and build your muscle of prototyping or experimentation. 

Festival Opening Call: Sunday March 22nd 2019 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)

Harnessing Call: Sunday April 19th 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)


Bealtaine is the final Festival that we will celebrate as part of this journey and stands diametrically opposite to Samhain in the Celtic Calendar, which means you will have experienced a full half turn of the Celtic year.  In this Festival, you will strengthen your gifts and skills in service of stepping out into your full light, potential and destiny, leveraging the strength and collective power of your Tuatha (Tribe) of Leaders.

Festival Opening Call: Sunday May 3rd 2019 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)

Harnessing Call: Sunday May 31st 20:00 – 21:30 (WET)

“If ever there was a need to stimulate creative imagination and initiative on the part of individuals, communities and whole societies the time is now. The notion of creativity can no longer be restricted to the arts. It must be applied across the full spectrum of human problem solving.”

– World Commission on Culture and Development

What Will I Recieve?

Over the journey of seven months you will be supported through:

1. Five Wisdom and Activation calls

A LIVE interactive, collective online call will open each Festival in the safety of your Tuatha of Leaders (your Tribe of Leaders). Calls will include an introduction to the wisdom of the Festival and the specific energies and leadership practices that you will be working with and practicing for the next few weeks of that season. 

Through meditation and visualisation, this call will also include an activation of an ancient Celtic gift, which will embolden you as a leader in natural alignment with the power and rhythm of that season.  Through the richness of Celtic culture, myth, story, poetry, language and ritual, you will have access to a portal into a deeper world of knowing and of experience which will support the development of your leadership vision and skills.  This call will be supported with guiding documentation.

2. Five Harnessing and integration Calls

A LIVE interactive, collective online call in the latter part of the Festival season, using a blend of teaching and peer leadership coaching groups in your Tuatha of Leaders (in your Tribe of Leaders) will help you to harness your learning and insights both individually and collectively for that season.  This will also help you clarify your next steps and commit to action so that you are continuously integrating what you are learning, strengthening your focus and building momentum in the direction of your leadership vision and purpose.

These calls will allow you to step off the linear time calendar and access the cyclical rhythm of the Celtic Calendar to activate and embody the essential energies, skills and leadership practices of the season. These calls are designed to disrupt the mundane and to allow you to access a deeper way of knowing, being and leading.

3. An Evolutionary Leadership Toolkit

In addition to the above calls and tools you get on these, you will receive ten core evolutionary Leadership resources direct to your email Inbox bi-weekly.  These will come in the form of leadership teachings, tools, techniques, skills and reflective practices helping you to integrate and embody the Festival energies alongside essential leadership skills to consistently evolve and transform your leadership capacity

4. Private Tuatha of Leaders (Tribe of Leaders)

While this will be a deeply individual journey you will also have the support of a private online community, a collective Tribe (Tuatha pronounced Too-Ha) of like-minded Celtic Leaders, so you can learn, share, support and evolve alongside each other.

We will be a private and closed group, open to all levels of experience.  Registration will remain open until November 9th 2019. 


There are two ways to engage in this program:

Payment plan



one time payment



You Will Receive The Following:


10 Live Collective Calls with Nadine:

  • 5 Wisdom and Activation Calls
  • 5 Harnessing and Integration Calls

3 Ancient Celtic Gifts


3 Contemporary Leadership Capacities


Peer Leadership Coaching Groups (as part of the calls)


Recordings of Calls along with Worksheets


Bi-Weekly Leadership Emails with 10 core resources for your Evolutionary Leadership Toolkit


Membership of a closed Facebook Group

About me – The Facilitator

Nadine McCarthy

Once upon a time in a lush, green land called Ireland, there lived a girl who dreamed of Leadership, Purpose and Celtic Soul.

From the time she was a little girl, she seemed to just have a natural, deep grá (the Gaelic word for love) for Celtic stories and mythology, her Gaelic language and music.  Expansion, learning and warmth were potent ingredients in the early cookbook of her life with her Dad teaching her how to read with flashcards on the floor before she could even walk.  Speed-reading, Sufi stories and poems, mind-mapping and memory games were all lovingly lined up beside her Mum’s natural warmth, kindness for everyone, humor and deep patience.   She didn’t know it at the time but her overflowing heart with pride for her country’s ancient culture and heritage along with those deeply rooted values of learning and love would find their way into her work and life to shape her future.

Skip ahead now a few decades to 2006, when following a career in business and HR Consulting, she took her first steps to follow her dream and founded her own Coaching and Leadership Development Practice called Be The Best You Can Be (You can read more about this in the About section).  She worked with heart and passion to make a difference in the lives of those she worked with, whether that was in their sporting, business or personal lives.  In 2008, she developed and ran her first six-month leadership development program called The Five Laws of Leadership with a CEO and his senior management team.  The CEO told her half way through the program that it had already exceeded his expectations and she took this as a sign of a strong start and encouragement to do more.

And as she delivered more Leadership Programs, she began to dream a bigger dream …

Her dream became fueled with the desire to build leadership capacity across the nation, serving Ireland, and in the years that followed she did just that – embedding leadership into her coaching sessions with athletes and senior leaders, coaching hundreds of people, running more and more leadership development programs across sectors, lecturing and speaking at educational and organisational events and running weekend retreats and day Workshops to facilitate people to answer their “Call to Purpose”.  She also became a Mum to two future generation leaders and began experiencing leadership and purpose through the eyes of being a Mother to her two sons.

Transformational leadership teachings and educational experiences along the way particularly through the work of Otto Scharmer, at The Presencing Institute MIT and The Celtic Wheel with Mari Kennedy, infused her work whilst enabling her to integrate it and evolve her own experience, strategies, tools and practices over the last eleven years of being focused on Leadership.

Today, she realises that the world is full of uncertainty, instability and unsustainability yet, she believes that there is so much hope and potential already in people, in society and in the system.  Holding a vision of the highest future, she focuses her work in the following areas:

1.Organisational Leadership Development, which involves leadership development training, coaching and systemic cultural change.  Nadine designs and delivers Leadership Workshops and Trainings that focus on Values, Purpose, Meaning, Legacy and using this clarity to empower teams.

2. Leadership in youth, through involvement for the past two years as a Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant on the Future Leaders Programme, which has reached over 30,000 teenagers through secondary schools across the island of Ireland.  This is a joint initiative from the GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association, Ireland’s largest sporting organisation) and the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers), which supports students to develop their leadership skills and contributions in a practical and future based way back into their local communities and Gaelic games Clubs.  She has also been involved as a Facilitator working systemically with key stakeholders in the areas of education, mindfulness, youth support, social entrepreneurship, mental health and sport to contribute to the development of the Well-being Curriculum for the Junior Cycle in secondary schools across the country.

3. Societal Transformation, through leading Ireland’s first ever Firestarter Festival in 2019.  This was a societal change and leadership development initiative in which Nadine and a small team of volunteers, partnered with the Scottish Government, who have been running the Firestarter Festival in Scotland since 2015, to bring the Festival to Ireland.  The intention was to ignite passion, creativity and a call to action across the country, through supporting people to host events that were meaningful to them and that they believed could contribute to the betterment of society – be that for their families, clubs, communities, organisations, environment, sectors or even the nation.  30 events were run and it became an all-island festival with events being hosted in all 4 provinces across the country.  The Festival was a considerable success which ignited new, disruptive and innovative conversations, encouraged people to step out and take inspired steps to lead in their community, to create something new, to try something different and to be part of a movement of change-makers and leaders in Ireland who are taking action to support a new vision of leadership and positive change.

Following The Firestarter Festival, Nadine brought together a team of change-makers in Ireland as part of an MIT global action research project called STL (Societal Transformation Lab).  Her team were part of over 300 global teams working voluntarily on creating systemic changes.  The project, called “A New Ireland of The Heart” is a prototype to activate Ireland as a vibrant eco-system of change-makers and future creators in communities through leadership, Celtic soul and raising collective consciousness across the island.

Closing thoughts and intention …

Globally, nationally, locally and individually, we face a complexity of challenges that cannot be solved by any one person, organisation, sector or country working in isolation.  We need conscious, co-creative spaces and inspirational containers to connect, explore, challenge and to imagine what is possible.  We need to support each other to rise and to collectively create the kind of future that we dream of and that we know is possible deep down in our hearts.  My intention with The Celtic Leader Programme is to contribute to creating that future by illuminating a global community of leaders who want to make a difference to their own future, to our collective future – planet and people – and to the future of the generations to come.

I invite you to join me as we step into our deeper leadership calling and collectively create the highest future together.

For more information about Mari Kennedy’s work see www.thecelticwheel.com

For more information about Otto Scharmer’s work see www.presencing.org

Contact Nadine

+353 (01) 6530767 nadine@nadinemccarthy.ie
13 Upper Baggot Street,
2nd Floor, Dublin 4,
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“I first met Nadine at the Firestarter Festival Ireland, which she was leading and have since been working with her on a Societal Transformation project called “A New Ireland of the Heart”, a change management programme which she is also leading.

It is probably the most radical programme I have every worked on and requires skilful and careful leadership from Nadine. She is an amazing facilitator and in a gentle but steady way manages to create a space for the team work creatively and meaningfully together. The Celtic Leader programme she has developed sounds incredible and I would encourage anyone considering it to go for it.”

Mary Lovegrove

Founder, Mindful Nation Ireland

“I loved working with Nadine during the Firestarter Festival in Ireland.  As a natural leader herself, Nadine encouraged me to explore and trust my own leadership skills and I will always be grateful for that. She encourages initiative which is a powerful way to lead and was always there when needed.
On a personal level, Nadine is very sincere and genuinely cares about people. From day one, she has offered her knowledge and wisdom , with openness and generosity. She also has a great sense of humour too, which is wonderful !  I always feel supported by her and that is an incredible gift to share.  I am really glad I know her”.
Suzanne Clarke

Wellness Coach, Meditation and Yoga Teacher

“If I was to describe in one short sentence how I experience Nadine it is that She is an ‘Exceptionalist’ and commits to mastery in all she does’.

I first met Nadine when we studied together and since then I have worked with her as my Coach as well as having attended her “A Call to Purpose Workshop”.

Nadine exemplifies genius in all that she does. How she does it represents a rare magic that is a true integration of heart, soul, head and intuition doused with a heavy dose of practicality, reality and truth.

She is truly unique in her approach and transformational in her impact. I will continue to work with Nadine and if you would like to experience some of what I have described and more, I highly recommend that you do too!”

Mary T. Tierney

Azurite Consulting

“It has been a privilege to work with Nadine, who is a gifted facilitator and leader. She brings all of herself to the work she does, showing up with openness, compassion, humility and love. She is completely selfless, freely offering her gifts for the greater good, and inspires many by example.  If you have a chance to participate in any program she is facilitating, do it! I can’t recommend her highly enough”

Grattan Donnelly

Director, Mindful Nation Ireland

Nadine is the most conscientious, empathic and attentive facilitator and mentor I have ever had the privilege of working with.  She has been a Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant on the Future Leaders Programme, which is a joint initiative for Transition Year students, developed by the GAA and the PDST.  This Programme has now reached over 30,000 students nationally, developing their leadership capacities and contributions back into their local communities and Gaelic games Clubs. Nadine has been a consistent and guiding light in both my professional and personal life for many years now and her work for both the GAA and in community development continues to create a platform for a better future for us all.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Jimmy D'Arcy

Technical Development and Support Manager, GAA