My meetings with Nadine began as I transitioned into my current role as Academy Manager with Cricket Ireland. The process of meeting every 2/3 weeks was extremely useful and helped me to prioritise on the important things that make a difference both in work and life. Nadine helped me with establishing a High Performance Culture within the Cricket Academy and Wolves Program, which will help our players be ready for the International Stage.  Nadine has supported me both on the operational and strategic elements of the role and her coaching and facilitation have been invaluable

Nadine is excellent at helping people unlock their strengths. In particular she helped me to trust in my gut feel and be more decisive based on trusting all my experience.  Nadine also helped with my Self Reflection and relaxation.  Due to the results we have achieved together, I asked her to work with our team of Head Caoches and she is working, true to form, to support them to ‘be the best they can be’ to develop the players and high performance cultures within their age-groups.  It is without hesitation that I recommend Nadine for Coaching and High Performance Development Support.

Peter Johnston
Academy Manager / Wolves Head Coach - Cricket Ireland

Nadine worked with me in the area of executive coaching and leadership for approximately 6 months when I was promoted to a new, demanding role on our Senior Management team. Sessions with Nadine allowed me to bring real life working scenarios and challenges for review and enabled me to view them from different angles, challenge my thinking and consider my reactions or courses of action open to me. Through these meetings with Nadine, takeaways and frameworks, I was able to make that leap, develop confidence in my abilities and take my place at the Senior Management team table, so to speak.

Working with Nadine is like collaborating with a trusted friend who only has your best interests at heart. Nadine’s professionalism, insight and broad range of tools, including the application of mindfulness and a holistic work/life outlook, all help to make the engagement simultaneously productive and personal. I found that topics and approaches used during this work with Nadine have continued to resonate with me a year on and I still apply many of the techniques learned.

I would highly recommend Nadine’s services to anyone looking for that extra step and support in becoming the leader one envisions oneself to be.

Sandra Duignan
Director, LeasePlan IS

When the opportunity arose to work with Nadine I was slightly nervous. I had previous experience with life guidance in the past but this was a little different in the sense it was through skype and not face-to-face. I was unsure if it would have an impact since we were not in the same room. Nadine changed all that and put my concerns at ease immediately. Her strong compassionate presence and genuine caring nature enabled me to form a natural trust with her.

Our work together was enlightening to me and she certainly guided me through some reoccurring issues that have followed me around for a while. I really felt that she was listening deeply to my soul and that her remarkable natural insight into the human condition left me feeling heard, understood and loved. Her words and her energy often replay in my mind and whisper ” be kind to yourself”. A beautiful experience.

Nadine gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. She has unique ability to recognise, understand and support the management of complex relationships . Her coaching supported me in my role through very difficult situations and revolutionised my ability to think on my feet, lead instinctively  and achieve excellence through results.

Along the way there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realisations, which with her expert support and skill set we were able to use and catalyse as transformative experiences. To this day, Nadine’s mentoring continues to make me a better person both at work and at home.

Maura Lyons
Manager, Leave No Trace Ireland

Working with Nadine has greatly helped me to effectively ‘lift the lid’ on many issues. Her approach is both relaxed and intuitive yet entirely thorough and professional and allowed me recognise and get to the heart of relevant issues very quickly. The programme gave me the understanding and confidence to proceed with changes which were necessary for my business. I am looking forward to Nadine now working with my senior team to help them achieve their goals.

Sean Moran
Group CEO, Home Project Centre

As my coach, Nadine has been a true partner in my development and has shown that she is deeply invested in my success. Working with her has been the most exciting development opportunity of my career.

HR Manager, EMEA

I would highly recommend Nadine for leadership coaching. I was very fortunate to have come across Nadine and to have had one to one coaching with her. The coaching was excellent and an invaluable experience and gave me great insight and perspective on my role in an organisation and what was best for me to focus on. I found Nadine very intuitive and wise and she was really able to pinpoint my needs and to assist and support me.  

Michele Jackson
Director, TWM

Having chosen to try one to one coaching I would have to say I did so with a tinge of scepticism as to what it could do for me. Having completed several sessions I have to say it ranks as one of the best decisions I have made. Nadine’s ability to listen, provoke thought, question and help you understand more about yourself is a true talent.

Coupled with her calmness and her complete focus on how to help you is a truly refreshing approach. I can without hesitation recommend Nadine, without a doubt her coaching has definitely helped me refocus and help me find renewed energy and drive. She delivers on her message – ” be the best you can be”

Karl Stewart

Nadine operates in a totally authentic, real, and personal manner with everyone she deals with. She encourages individuals to take personal accountability for all their actions and for their impact on others around them. She ensures that the person reflects and takes things into perspective while aiming for enhanced levels of performance. Nadine is not afraid to challenge any perceived wisdoms and can inspire people to similarly inspire others. Nadine is a consummate professional but also manages to operate in a lovely, open, and comfortable manner.

I originally encountered Nadine while with another FMCG business and was so impressed with her approach that I immediately contacted her when the opportunity arose for me to launch a Leadership Development programme in Ampersand. I requested that she come on board with us and do her magic with the leadership team. Needless to say she has not disappointed, and in a few months the positive results are already apparent – both for the individuals involved and also for the overall business.

I fully buy into her creed of striving “to be the best you that you can be” and in seeking to help others on their journey to that destination. I highly recommend Nadine to individuals and businesses that want to improve leadership capabilities and achieve very high performance levels.

Ciaran Scolard
Managing Director, Ampersand

“When Nadine speaks, people listen! I certainly did. When Nadine spoke at the International Spirit at Work Award conference about her pioneering work in Spirit At Work Programs in Ireland, it was inspiring and thought provoking. It was also practical, since she showed us how much people contribute to both tangible results and organizational profits. Her unique warmth, strong presentation style and belief in the transformative power and the nurturing the spirit of people is engaging, down-to-earth and straightforward. Most of all it demonstrates how people achieve genuine success.”

Patricia Aburdene
Speaker, leading social forecaster and co-author of four Megatrends Books with John Naisbitt

“I had first heard Nadine speak at an event for Organisational Capacity Building within the Sports Sector and thought of her as a result of this when we were organising a County Officer Day, which is a strategic annual event for our Committees within the Ladies Gaelic Football Association. On the day, Nadine spoke to and worked specifically with an audience which was represented by the Chair of each of the county committees. Her style was engaging and practical and as a result participants found it deeply inspiring as it was focused on creating a reflective space for them as leaders, so that they could then commit to accountability and action in their priority areas and in their key relationships. Feedback following Nadine’s talk was extremely positive and attendees said that they found it extremely affirming, uplifting and practical. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nadine as a Speaker and we look forward to working with her again for our National events.”

Lyn Savage
National Development Officer, Ladies Gaelic Football Association

“Nadine is an excellent Trainer and Coach who demonstrated the highest degree of competency and professionalism combined with a deep sensitivity towards our internal culture during her engagement as a Lead Trainer with An Garda Síochána on the Coaching Programme. She was a role model for Leadership and Executive Coaching and constantly demonstrated presence, emotional intelligence and understanding. She encouraged us to take responsibility for our actions and learning, while simultaneously stretching us to realise, access and exercise our true potential and abilities. Her training and facilitation skills were very impressive and supported the transfer of a new skill set to course participants – all of which were aimed at enhancing individual and team performance with a view to achieving organisational goals.”

Yvonne O’ Connor
Superintendent, An Garda Síochána (National Police Force)

“Nadine delivered a FETAC Level 6 Accredited Coach Training Programme for our senior managers at LeasePlan as we believed that integrating this skill set into their leadership approach would have the following impact:

1. Enable our managers to develop their own skill set to more positively influence and impact high performance in their teams
2. Learn and apply coaching tools to more effectively manage talent and potential across the organisation, and
3. To provide managers with the tools and skill set to manage and direct their own career and performance within the global organisation.

The Programme delivered this and more with positive impacts on both a personal and professional level for all attendees resulting in higher levels of clarity, focus and confidence. We had not foreseen these personal results but they have led to improved people results as well as individual improvements to work life balance, fulfilment and overall happiness levels – all impacting more positively on performance.
This is no doubt linked to how Nadine facilitated the Programme and the individual attendees, using her own skill set to draw out potential and link it to performance and results – both in the professional and personal contexts.
Her overall approach to instruction and application was designed in a dynamic and effective way which made the coaching process, tools, and techniques practical for our managers yet cutting edge and transformational. In addition to the course content, Nadine developed a bespoke module for us on Conflict Coaching to enable leaders to better understand themselves as well as how to best manage relationships more positively for high performance.
Nadine’s professionalism, positivity and enthusiasm shaped my own personal experience of Coaching, and I know that as a HR professional, I will continue to draw upon this invaluable support and skill set throughout my career.

I strongly recommend that those who are seeking coaching education and training to consider the FETAC Coach Training Programme with Nadine.”

Emma Harrisson
HR Director, LeasePlan Information Services

“I have been the beneficiary of Nadine’s expertise as part of a Coach Training program in the past. Nadine was skilled, competent and knowledgeable as a trainer. In 2012, I launched an Executive Coaching Programme for the Sports Sector, which is focused on creating high performance within sectoral organisations through career coaching. Nadine is on a Panel of Coaches who works with executives on this Programme and she works passionately and with genuine care to create optimum results for her clients. Feedback is consistently excellent about the results she helps create. I cannot recommend Nadine highly enough.”

Alan O’Hare
HR and Corporate Services Manager, Irish Sports Council

“I found the course content and delivery excellent, applicable to my working, and indeed personal life and would highly recommend Nadine and the Programme to anyone interested in improving and enhancing their leadership capabilities. A key and unique aspect of the course was the time and importance given to experiential learning and self reflection. This allowed for the content to be internalised and for deeper insights to be brought forward which in turn reinforced the overall learning experience.”

Deirdre Healy
Corporate Affairs Manager

“On a personal level, I found The Five Laws of Leadership© to be very inspirational both in its delivery and content. My experience has led to heightened self awareness, greater resilience, improved state management, and more inspired leadership. It has allowed me to take stock of what is important in my role and how I can maximise impact. I believe that my value to the business has increased enormously as a result. I could not recommend this Programme highly enough.”

Head of Trade and Brand Marketing

“We engaged Nadine to design and deliver a Leadership Programme for our organisation. The programme ran over 8 months and was very well received by our managers. Such was the success of the programme that we extended it to our emerging leaders. Thanks in no small part to Nadine’s work we now have a common leadership language in the organisation that supports the achievement of our strategic plan. Nadine is a collaborative trainer who has the ability to quickly understand the nuances of the organisation and tailor the material accordingly. She developed a strong trust based relationship with all the participants which enabled them reach their leadership potential.”

Director of Resources
Not for Profit Organisation

“Nadine’s Leadership Development Programme had already delivered against my expectations at the end of Module 3 and it is a 5 Modular Programme! The team had fully bought into the concepts and techniques introduced to them and were already applying them which led to powerful conversations, enhanced performance and undoubtedly, an improved level of authentic trust between all the senior management team. In addition, our market share increased month on month while the senior team attended the Leadership Development Programme. Market share is a key performance metric for our business and although we were not directly measuring it against the Programme, I believe that the overall performance of the leadership team improved during this time and this was one of the contributing factors to our monthly growth.”

Andy Meagher
CEO, John Player Ireland

“The senior leadership team has achieved breakthrough performance through both expanded thinking and stronger relationships because of the Leadership Development Programme with Nadine. Since the Programme I have observed higher levels of leadership, common purpose and urgency in the senior management team, with a much higher appetite from each individual to make a difference. Although the business has many challenges at present, the engagement and performance levels of their teams has improved significantly, which is essential at this time.”

Billy Walsh
HR Manager, John Player, Ireland

“3 words sum up the positive benefits of working with Nadine – Focus, Focus, Focus. Focus on my team to elevate performance and manage conflict positively when needed, focus on my key objectives and priorities to avoid distractions and achieve results and finally focus on myself as a Leader enabling me to manage myself more effectively and work with greater mental clarity.”

Department Head
ports NGB (National Governing Body)

“Working with Nadine was one of the most positive steps I have taken in my career to date. After a number of years in the same role it can become difficult to move outside of the mould or box you’ve created for yourself and Nadine has helped me to do that. She has helped to show me how I can change my mind-set and I now feel much more capable and more positive about the future. She has helped to show me that the negative patterns of thinking that had become routine are illogical and easily counteracted. Nadine has also helped me to recognise that all of the answers are not always immediately clear and to feel more comfortable with the unknown and she has given me the tools and confidence to identify the small steps I can take to help take control of my future career.”

Fiona Murray
Sports Training and Education Manager, Special Olympics, Ireland

“Thank you for your motivation throughout our Sessions, Nadine. Honestly after every Session I felt so inspired by you and your wonderful manner. Your welcoming manner helped me feel comfortable in being open and reflective and it was so nice to know that I sometimes had the answer but didn’t realise it. Thank you for motivating me to find those answers, by asking me questions, using different techniques, asking me to explain, giving me different choices and more importantly the time to work it out. I found working with you so rewarding and I know that I will be benefiting from it in all aspects of my life, not only work now but on into the future.”

Barbara Cahill
Events and Games Development Manager, Special Olympics Ireland

“The opportunity to work with Nadine through the Irish Sports Council Executive Coaching programme was an absolute pleasure. Not only did Nadine challenge my conventional thinking and actions she also inspired me to act to inspire others. Nadine is a consummate professional and I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with Nadine to act immediately.”

Hamish Adams
CEO, Rowing Ireland

“In a crowded schedule or even a crowded mind, time with Nadine provides a moment of reflection, calm and perspective. Her work with the individual members of our senior management team, and as a collective, has been invaluable to help us navigate through daily demands on time, patience and inner strength. In my experience, many consultants focus on the employee and the process – Nadine focuses on the person and the human being, which I believe should be the starting point of all business relations.I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Warren Deutrom
CEO - Cricket Ireland