“There was a buzz and a unity of shared high-performance language and practices after this Workshop. It exceeded my already high expectations.  We couldn’t recommend Nadine highly enough.” Michele Jackson, Director TWM


We approached Nadine to design and deliver a tailormade Workshop for our company-wide team at TWM with the following ask:

  1. To provide a collective learning and development opportunity for the entire team to re-focus and re-commit to our core cultural values, which we describe as the “TWM Way.” This would be our first collective training since returning to the office post-Covid.
  2. We specifically wanted to empower our team to lead their daily actions and behaviours in even greater alignment with one of our core cultural values, encapsulated in a “can-do attitude,” where “we strive to be problem solvers with positive attitudes, in all we do, with each other and our clients.”


  1. Onsite Workshop

Nadine designed a bespoke onsite Workshop with the entire organisational team to deliver high-performance content, methodologies and neuroscience-backed approaches on

  • Growth Mindset
  • Solution Focus and
  • Sustainable Performance and Positivity

Focusing on these three areas would foster deeper alignment with our “can-do attitude” enshrined in the “TWM Way.”  In addition, evidence-based protocols would empower, enthuse and cultivate a sustainable high-performance mindset and culture.

  1. Follow-Up Questionnaire

A follow-up questionnaire after the Workshop would

  • Make explicit the key takeaways and insights post-Workshop
  • Clarify the key actions and next steps to integrate the content into practical individual and collective performance.


“The Workshop was highly valuable and interactive.  Nadine’s expertise in the neuroscience of the three areas of growth mindset, solution focus, and sustaining performance and positivity was evident and impressive.  She adeptly addressed various mindsets and challenges within our team live in the Workshop.  She did this by sharing evidence-based tools and high-performance protocols to cultivate a growth mindset, normalise challenges and setbacks and develop our ability and determination to focus on positive solutions.  We knew that the Workshop would be critical to TWM’s growth, following the turbulent times we had navigated with COVID and Nadine’s Workshop exceeded my already high expectations.”



“It has been five months now since the completion of this Growth Mindset Workshop and the results have been extremely positive.  Our team is now well versed in the science behind growth mindset, solution-focused thinking sustainable performance, and positivity, and these principles and practices have become ingrained in our organisational culture and behaviours. With a shared language and approach, we have learned to differentiate between growth and fixed mindsets at both an individual and team level, leading to improved performance and cohesiveness.  I wholeheartedly recommend Nadine’s work, approach, and facilitation skills.”  Michele Jackson, Director, TWM

Michele Jackson