Nadine operates in a totally authentic, real, and personal manner with everyone she deals with. She encourages individuals to take personal accountability for all their actions and for their impact on others around them. She ensures that the person reflects and takes things into perspective while aiming for enhanced levels of performance. Nadine is not afraid to challenge any perceived wisdoms and can inspire people to similarly inspire others. Nadine is a consummate professional but also manages to operate in a lovely, open, and comfortable manner.

I originally encountered Nadine while with another FMCG business and was so impressed with her approach that I immediately contacted her when the opportunity arose for me to launch a Leadership Development programme in Ampersand. I requested that she come on board with us and do her magic with the leadership team. Needless to say she has not disappointed, and in a few months the positive results are already apparent – both for the individuals involved and also for the overall business.

I fully buy into her creed of striving “to be the best you that you can be” and in seeking to help others on their journey to that destination. I highly recommend Nadine to individuals and businesses that want to improve leadership capabilities and achieve very high performance levels.

Ciaran Scolard
Managing Director, Ampersand