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Control the Controllables - The Ultimate Tools to help you slow down, take control and get results

LIFE WARRIOR is a Capsule Collection of the most powerful Performance-Based Tools distilled from a decade of supporting clients to Be The Best They Can Be. Each Tool is designed to help you to slow down time so you can deliberately step back from the chaos, uncertainty and noise of your outer world, in order to step more powerfully into your inner world to re-wire your brain, re-code your emotional pathways and re-focus your mind. Then, you’re ready to choose your response and re-engage with your external world with more mental, energetic, emotional and physical control.

Years ago I was profoundly changed by reading the following quote from Viktor Frankl, a survivor of the Holocaust …

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl

His words changed the trajectory of my life and my work forever. In that instant, I saw the anatomy of a moment. I saw the space between stimulus and response as something tangible, malleable and powerful and I began working immediately on how to slow time down to work more consciously with the power within us in to shape and mould our responses in the pivotal moments of our days and crucial stages of our lives

  • Are you weighed down with racing, frantic thoughts and an overwhelmed mind with all the things you have to do? Would you like to feel mentally clear and focused?
  • Are you fearful, anxious, plagued with worry, regret and self doubt? Would you rather feel courageous, openhearted, fearless and trusting?
  • Do you feel tight in your shoulders and tense with a knot in your stomach? Would you like to feel physically relaxed, with a sense of ease and flow in your body?
  • Do you feel thoughts of regret and disconnection, feeling that you are missing precious and important moments with your family and friends?
  • Would you prefer to feel grounded, peaceful, centred and in control of yourself and your life, rather than feeling overwhelmed and at the mercy of what life throws at you?
  • Would you like to be able to drop fully into the present moment, so you can soak it up and enjoy all its little details?

Learn To Slow Down

Most of us are operating at such speed now, on autopilot, hurtling at pace from one thing to the next. Imagine instead being able to stretch and slow time down so that you could step back from the constant whirring of your thoughts and the pressure and pace of life. By learning how to slow down, using a deliberate and focused technique, you will access calm and clarity allowing you to choose your absolute best response and action, no matter what the circumstances.

Take Control

When you learn to steady your mind and anchor yourself in this powerful now, you take back control of the moment and build your own inner strength and resources, from the inside out.

And Get Results

By cultivating an inner state of focussed awareness, relaxation and clarity, you learn to pay attention to what’s important, take clear, decisive action, build momentum and get results.


LIFE WARRIOR is a Capsule Collection of proven-methods and resources distilled from over a decade of working with high performers in sport, business and life to help them Be The Best They Can Be in the most pivotal moments and crucial stages of their lives.

Each Capsule contains powerful Resources and Tools to help you anchor yourself into a bubble of time where you can slow down, take control, choose your response and change your results.

Each month you will receive

The Full-Med - Audio Meditation

A full length meditation to re-wire your brain, strengthen your inner resources and maximise results

The Mini-Med - Audio Meditation

For when you really need that quick fix to turn things around but you only have two minutes

The Bed-Med - Audio Meditation

Learn to harness the power of your subconscious mind before sleep


Bonus Worksheets

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Slow down to take control

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Harnessing positive experiences

The Daily Switch

Switch off work and switch on to life

Learn The Skills To Overcome Every Day Battles

Control The Controllables.

The Ultimate Tools to help you slow down, take control and get results.