There is a Leadership gene in all of us. It is part of our cellular make up. Right now it is coursing through your veins waiting to be discovered so that you can channel it to the lifeblood of your Self. Once ignited, it’s the fuel that will help you make a difference in work, in your family life or in something you feel passionate about. Each Leadership gene has a unique imprint which calls us to a purpose that is currently waiting, wanting and needing to be actioned – what is your Leadership gene calling you to do?

Do you find yourself searching for meaning, wanting to make sense of what is happening around you right now? Do you find yourself thinking that there must be a higher purpose for our current economic conditions or your present situation? Are you wishing that things were different? Have you heard yourself and others cry out for leadership as an answer to the challenges we are currently experiencing? Do you hear the calling that the current conditions present, the opportunity that exists?

If you find yourself answering Yes to these questions, then you know that your Leadership Impulse has been trying to get your attention. And even if you didn’t answer yes, all you need to know is that Impulse is and always has been there, beating away under the surface, waiting to be recognised so that it can move you into action and deeper service.

Today, notice how your Leadership Impulse is trying to get your attention…
Do you feel it as an impatience to get something started or finished? A restlessness or a longing to do things differently? A sense of excitement about what is possible? A feeling of anxiety or fear showing up when you think about leading in an area of your life that you know you really should be? An urge to lead a situation or people? A desire to contribute in a more meaningful and real way to those around you?

These are simply signs from your Leadership Impulse, as it waits to be listened to, to be heard. As you go about your day today, notice where emotion comes up, when your passion kicks in or feels blocked and where your energy actually wants to go, how it wants to direct you. As a first step, recognise that the Leadership Impulse exists in YOU today.