Forever change the game of performance, creativity and leadership with Flow science

Game Changer is an evidence-based coaching and development programme for high performers, creatives and leaders integrating the neuroscience of flow for regenerative peak performance


The unsustainable ‘New Normal’ and why the game needs to change


Post Pandemic, we found ourselves in a “new normal,” a term used to show how work and performance cultures had changed.  Gallup’s recent 2023 State of the Global Workplace report reveals the worrying and unsustainable results of what performing, working and leading is truly like in this “new normal.” 


    Only 13% of global employees are thriving at work


    72% of global employees are disengaged or quiet quitting


    15% of global employees are actively disengaged or loud quitting

    Burnout Epidemic

    Global worker stress remains at an historic high with 44% of employees reporting feeling stress the previous day at work

    War on Attention

    With splintered focus and cultures of interruptions, the average worker is distracted 15 times every hour (120 times in an 8-hour day)


    Crisis of engagement

    87% of all global workers are psychologically withdrawn and disengaged from work, with a poor work life balance

    With results like these, it is obvious that our new reality is neither “normal” nor sustainable

    It’s clear the Game needs to change

    Our current LINEAR APPROACH to performance is one-dimensional, demanding perpetual growth and continuous high performance in an unsustainable, never-ending upward straight line.  This relentless pursuit leads to burnout and exhaustion, with no opportunity for rest or recovery, resulting in the crisis of results we’re seeing and experiencing.

    In contrast, the key to accessing consistent flow is rooted in its CYCLICAL APPROACH.  This multidimensional approach, ensures sustained momentum and enduring flow by seamlessly transitioning through distinct and proven phases from one cycle to the next.  This natural ebb and flow not only maintains but revitalises the energy and creative force vital for optimal performance. 

    Flow is the master key and regenerative force that has the power to change the game forever

    What is Game Changer?

    Game Changer is a transformational coaching and development programme which integrates the neuroscience of flow for regenerative peak performance

    Flow, defined as “an optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform our best” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, has been shown by McKinsey to increase productivity by 500%.  Despite its benefits, flow is often misunderstood and seen as elusive. However, FLOW IS TRAINABLE and can be consistently unlocked for deep focus, purpose-driven leadership and abundant creativity.

    Are you ready to decode the keys to flow to unlock your full potential and achieve regenerative peak performance?

    Join our transformational coaching and development programme

    Delve into the neuroscience of flow over nine personalised One-to-One Coaching Sessions. You’ll discover how to access the sweet spot of flow and unleash the liquid gold of high performance. With Game Changer’s unique combination of elements, you’ll learn to consistently regenerate your performance, propelling yourself beyond mere sustainability into enduring flow.

    Source Code-white

    1. The Source Code of Flow

    You will decode the source code of flow through a game-changing methodology that is underpinned by neuroscience.  This will enable you to shift from feeling at the mercy of flow to accessing it at will.

    Source Code-white

    2. Science based strategies and personalised resources

    Customised and individualised strategies will be crafted to empower you to hack and optimise flow.  By identifying your unique flow blockers, mastering flow triggers, and adopting the neuroscience-based mindsets of flow, you’ll personalise and elevate your performance to accomplish your most profound goals.

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    3. Neuroscience Based Flow Coaching

    This is where the neuroscience of flow meets individualised and supported action.   In nine intimate and focused Regenerative Flow Coaching™ Sessions, you will work one-to-one with Nadine, a deeply compassionate and expert Coach, to help you unlock flow consistently

    What Will I Take Away?


    Abundant Creativity

    You will embed the neuroscientific based mindsets of flow so you can enter it at will leading to heightened clarity, productivity and abundant creativity

    Crystal Clear Vision

    You will gain crystal-clear clarity on your vision, purpose and highest goals with an intrinsic ability to pursue them with unwavering passion and focused persistence

    Cultivate Resilience

    You will identify your unique flow blockers so you can overcome setbacks with adaptability and resilience

    Perform At Your Best

    You will identify your personal flow triggers to perform at your best, where your skills and strengths are matched to the challenges at hand

    Transcend Old Ways Of Thinking

    You will practice entering flow states regularly to unlock higher states of consciousness resulting in deep insights that transcend conventional and outdated ways of thinking

    Summon Focus

    You will learn how to eliminate procrastination and distraction, by training your attention to summon focus when needed for full engagement on your priority tasks

    Decode Flow

    By understanding the Source Code, core principles, and neurobiology of flow, you’ll acquire the skill to decode it resulting in optimised performance


    You will become burnout-proof by cultivating effective responses to challenges and setbacks to mitigate exhaustion and prevent unnecessary depletion

    Enhanced Wellbeing

    By discerning and engaging in flow activities that naturally resonate and hold meaning for you, you will enter deep immersion and enjoyment, reducing stress and enhancing well-being

    Rooted Confidence

     You will overcome feelings of low self-worth and self-sabotage, becoming grounded and confident by empowering your inner dialogue and consistently aligning with flow-infused actions

    “Nadine’s work has utterly revolutionised how I now approach my work.  I mean, literally changed how I perform, recover and create.  She is so much more than a coach and trainer.  She is like a Performance Whisperer, her words, her tools, her ability to shift your state, all have an enduring quality that whisper to you, even after the sessions.”

    Regina De Búrca, Communications Manager

    Who Is Game Changer For?

    The Elite Team

    As an elite team, your track record of success has sparked a deeper vision, propelling you towards more purposeful and ambitious goals. Fueled by this drive to evolve again, you’re poised to explore the transformative potential of collective flow, recognising its power to elevate performance, leadership, and cultural excellence. Through harnessing group flow, your mission now is to redefine challenges, amplify momentum, and revolutionise your approach to peak performance. Ultimately, your goal is to unlock full potential, cultivate synergistic leadership, and ignite systemic change, paving the way for a future where flow drives unprecedented success and impact.

    The C-Suite Executive

    As a high-performing and purpose-driven C-suite leader, renowned for results, you recognise that peak performance entails more than just hard work.  It requires a delicate balance of challenge and skills along with rest and recovery.  Committed to harnessing flow to elevate personal and professional results, you seek pioneering techniques to build powerful momentum whilst feeling resourced and joyful, as you maintain a healthy and competitive leading edge.

    The Visionary Change Agent

    As a visionary change-maker, your activism is fueled by caring greatly, and driven by innovative ideas for a bold future. Yet, in today’s over-paced world, you may feel depleted and uncertain about how to sustain your energy, drive and creativity to lead the change you most believe in. Inspired by the transformative power of flow, you seek regenerative methods to contiually renew your creative spirit so you have the agency to achieve your radical goals.

    The High Performer in Sport

    As a sports professional or high performance coach, you’re excited about flow states and flow science for optimal performance.  While you’ve experienced flow before, it feels sporadic, fleeting and uncontrollable.  You aspire to master your inner game achieving more dependable access to flow so you can be in that nexus of potential, joy and peak performance regularly and reliably.

    The Evolving Leader

    You’re experiencing a phoenix moment where you sense the rebirth and emergence of something new and vital in yourself, your work and your career.  At this regenesis point, you seek a high-quality and nurturing environment to explore and refine your vision, purpose, goals and practices now.  You want to leverage flow to navigate the uncharted path ahead, adopting transformative practices to nourish and regenerate you throughout your journey.

    Game Changer For


    Game Changer for Individuals is a one-to-one online coaching and neuroscience based training programme for purpose-driven leaders, high performers and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to reframe, sustain and forever change the game on their productivity, potential and performance.

    Game Changer For


    Game Changer for Teams is a neuroscience based leadership development and coaching programme for elite teams, who want to harness group flow to reframe, sustain and forever change the game on individual and collective optimal performance, synergistic leadership and systemic change.

    “Nadine is a ferocious Granuaile – a true warrior of high performance – whose unforgettable intervention with our team acted as a catalyst for our future performance successes by redefining our identity, values, communication and collaboration.  Following her work with us, we went on to win the League and reach the final of the Championship.  I’d never hesitate to recommend Nadine to anyone seeking a roadmap for sustainable excellence and high performance.  She showed us the map, the meaning and how to forge our own journey.”

    Donie Fox, Head Coach, St. Jude's GAA Senior Camogie Team and Clinical Director at RTP

    schedule a call


    If you wish to learn more about Game Changer, please schedule a free Consultation Call to help clarify if this Programme is an aligned fit for you.  The free Consultation is a focused and structured 30-minute call to discuss your main goals and highest motivations; key challenges and blockers; share relevant details about the Programe and discuss if Game Changer is a good fit for you right now. It is a no-obligation call however, it does require you to complete a brief online questionnaire beforehand, so that the call can focus on your current needs, main goals and if Game Changer is a fit for you.

    This Programme has been awarded Skillnet Funding and elligble participants can avail of a discount.


    Who Am I?

    Nadine McCarthy

    Nadine McCarthy is the Founder and Director of Be The Best You Can Be, an Irish based consultancy specialising in human high performance®, leadership development, and systems change. For over twenty years, she has worked passionately and purposefully with elite athletes, sports teams, C-level executives and leadership teams in national, international and Fortune 500 companies. In addition to leading programmes for sports and organisational teams, she has co-led national projects on civic leadership, wellbeing and youth leadership.

    Her work has always been based on a strong foundation of research and continuous personal and professional development with qualifications in coaching, training, leadership development and mentoring.  She has been coaching for seventeen years, supporting people in sport, business and society to create and lead their future and be the best they can be.   For over a decade she has also been pioneering the integration of a profound methodology for individual and systemic change from MIT called Theory U, in high performance environments across sports and business at an individual, organisational, national and global level.

    Nadine McCarthy About Photo

    In 2022, in what she now calls the most spectacular human crash and burn-out,” Nadine had to re-evaluate her purpose, vision, mission and core work.  At an even more fundamental level, she had to radically change how she sustained and resourced herself when the daily habits and performance practices that had previously supported her drive, passion and resilience simply stopped working.  This made her question not only her work but also her ability to support others in leadership and performance roles with integrity.  She had to let go everything she previously she knew about human high performance and begin again, at the source level of her energy, focus and purpose.  She spent most of 2023 training with Flow Research Collective, the world’s largest peak performance research and training organisation where she learned neuroscience-based approaches to peak performance, obtained an accredited qualification in High Flow Coaching and wrote a paper to contribute to flow science.  In this paper, she harnessed her own disconcerting and painful experience of burnout coupled with her decades of experience of leading change and high-performance projects, and uncovered the blind spot to regenerative performance.  Game Changer was born and all insights and findings have been integrated into this programme to forever change the game on performance, leadership, creativity and potential.

    Nadine’s mission is to continue to push human potential forward exponentially through supporting visionaries, purpose-driven leaders, high-performance teams, organisations and change makers to be the best they can be in a game-changing and regenerative way.