Happy 29th of February to you – a whole extra day for us all and we only get this chance once every four years. The magic of that!  And especially in this crazy paced age in which we live and race, where we seem to be constantly chasing, feeling squeezed for time, worrying that we never have enough of it -for work, the family, our lives AND ourselves.  Well here is the gift of a day – a full and extra day and I hope and wish that you can enjoy every magical moment of it and truly make it count.

I am feeling surrounded by and enveloped in the magic of this day already. I felt it when I woke up.  I feel like a child who has been given lots of extra presents but who also knows that more are going to come throughout the day.  I am very conscious that I have the gift of an extra day and I have chosen to look very intentionally through the lens of expecting and delighting in all the extra things that will happen for me because I have a whole other day to live in and love in.

Already this morning, I have had the gifts of …

…extra play time and an extra breakfast with my family.  More snuggles, a game of snap, lots more kisses and hugs with them and a whole extra breakfast where we talked about the Leap Day and the magic of it.  Our seven year old son and wise philosopher told us that he felt the day was about how to “Let Go and Leap Forward” and we talked about how cool that would be, not to just step forward but to leap forward today.

I also had the gift of meditating where all I could hear was the birds singing to me and bathing me in their sound.  I also journaled and sketched ideas and clarities that came to me and I luxuriated in the extra space and time to do so.

I also got to talk to my best friend on the phone –a whole extra conversation where we talked about our weekends, our children, about love and fear and how we noticed how choosing either fear or love shaped the moments in our lives.  We thanked each other for the gift of our friendship and for this extra conversation that we were able to have because we had been given the gift of an extra day … and I felt my heart swell and burst and of course I cried! 🙂 And we both said that we would make today – this extra day – count!

And I’ve written this post – a whole extra bubble of time to capture this for myself and to share it with you.  And the magical paradox is … that because of the pace of my own life this past month that I didn’t even think I would get to write and post a blog in February! 🙂

All of that and it’s not even 11 o clock yet!

So, here is my wish for you, for me and for all of us today …

That you can fill your extra minutes with love and intentionality, that you can count the blessings that come through having the gift of extra time and that you can think about letting go whatever might need and want to fall away in your life right now so that you can leap forward from here.

Bí chomh iontach is atá ar do chumas.

Be the Best You Can Be.

Nadine x