My best friend’s Dad passed away earlier this month.  He had been part of the fabric of my life for the best part of three decades.  He was a wonderful listener, an igniter of potential, a wise soul and a gentleman. A true gentle man.  I loved him for all these things but I would have I loved him alone because he was my best friend’s Dad.

It seems appropriate to tell you this because I want to share with you what my best friend said to me when she rang me to tell me that he had passed.  Not only does it seem appropriate but it seems vital to share this with you, because if, like me, you are wondering how almost two months of the year have passed and you’re not quite where you thought you might be in terms of your goals, then this is the perfect thing to help you recalibrate – not just your goals, but your life view.

Here’s what she said…

“He was a blueprint for a beautiful life.  He was a gentleman and a gentle soul.  He used all of his talents and left an amazing legacy.   He really did enjoy life and was a fine example of a human being.  I am so grateful to him for his beautiful gentle life.”

Imagine anyone saying that about your life?  Imagine that was the impact you had on your children or other people?  What a beautiful tribute.

Imagine if we all could make this our credo for life?  Don’t you get a sense of how it would be a better, less complicated and happy life?

Thank you Joe Lambe for your inspiration and human-ness.  I know wherever you are, you are soaring.

Bí chomh iontach is atá ar do chumas.

Be the Best You Can Be.

Warmest wishes,